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• Cheeseburger Sliders

• Hot Dogs

• Veggie Burger

Served with French Fries or Tatter Tots


Ketchup, mustard, relish, tomatoes,
pickles, red onions, crazy Color Mayo's

Additional Options

• Grilled cheese

• Mozza Sticks

• Mac & Cheese

• Quesadillas

• Chicken tenders

• Veggie sticks & dip

Popcorn Bar

• Movie theater popcorn machine with buttery popcorn

• Popcorn flavor seasoning bar

Ice Cream Burgers

Vanilla ice cream served between a sweet donut bun

Including fun toppings:

• Kiwi "relish"

• Raspberry "ketchup"

• Mango "mustard"

• Chocolate chips

• Gummy bears

Hawaiian Shaved Ice 

Wide variety of flavors

Burger Piñata

"What's a party without a burger-shaped piñata filled with candy?" 


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